International Utility Bill Payments

What is Paykii?

Paykii is a leading service provider for utility bill payments. It allows you to make quick, simple and safe payments for electricity, water, internet, telephone, mobile, cable, satellite and other necessary utilities in your home country.

What are the advantages of paying your utility bills through Paykii?

Paykii provides you with a gateway for borderless bill payments. Some advantages of using Paykii are:

  • Exercise control over spending.
  • Ensure prompt payment of household utility bills (in your home country).
  • SMS/Email notification of outstanding bills and setup of automatic bill payment.
  • Obtain greater visibility into major family expenses.
  • Eliminate transportation cost or waiting time for recipient.

How can you make a Paykii transaction?

You can visit any of our BFC branches across the Kingdom of Bahrain and make a payment through Paykii.

What do you need to make a transaction?

  • Identity proof
  • Bill details
  • Amount in cash

For which countries is the service available?

Paykii's services are currently available for making utility bill payments to India, Pakistan, and Indonesia.

BFC is working on extending Paykii's services to more countries. An updated list of countries will be announced soon.