BFC Bahrain

BFC Rent Collection Services

BFC Corporate makes the process of rent collection easy for landlords and agents (property management companies) by providing tenants the facility to pay their monthly rent at any of BFC's branches across Bahrain or online via Smart Money. The funds would be transferred to the landlord or agent's account the following day.

Client Benefits

Eliminates Risk

When a large amount of cash is being collected, there is always a possibility or risk until the money reaches the bank. BFC takes the responsibility of safely remitting funds to the landlord / agent's bank account.

Eliminates Added Expenses

We help landlords / agents reduce the administrative cost of rent collection from each location by making the process of pay rent payment easy and convenient for the tenant.

Quicker Rent Collections

With the added convenience of paying rent at the nearest BFC branch or via online transfer, quick and timely rent collection is ensured for the landlord / agent.

Immediate Receipt Acknowledgement for the Tenant

As a landlord / agent, you no longer have to worry about delivering a receipt of payment to your tenants. BFC provides the tenants with a rent receipt immediately on receiving a payment.

Daily Report Generation

The landlord / agent would receive daily reports on total payments received with tenant details making it convenient to reconcile accounts.

To know more about the benefits of our Rent Collection Services, please contact our corporate team:

+973 1722 8888